I just wondered if you would pass on an almighty thank you to Christopher as he has gave me the will to go on! I cant believe how accurate he was, and the insight he knew. You dont know how much that reading meant to me, i read it over and over and the tears were streaming. Thank you and god bless you for renewing my faith in Spirit. I have now passed you on to various friends of mine

The last time I got a reading from you was in December, you told me i would get a Kia Sportage. Well, I just got my Kia, and I am so excited! You also said I would meet a guy with the initial B, well, my friend wants me to meet a guy named Billy! Thank you Christopher J.

Just thought you'd like to know that my Mom had her dental work yesterday and there was an abscess, so she does have an infection ~ you hit that one spot on! :) C.

I just wanted to tell you how accurate and good you are. Well guess what? I found out he is married and has 3 kids. You were right on! I just had to tell you and thanks for your sweet advice I really get a good vibe from you. S.

Christopher, I listen to your radio shows every week. I'm a big fan! You have enlightened and spiritually awakened me. Thank you so much for doing the shows and for educating people on the many subjects you discuss. Much love and peace to you, Diane

Thanks. You hit the nail on the head. My guide -whoever (s)he is - is on the ball.

You really are good, but of course, you know that already. I've been to a couple of psychics over the years, but have never got that gut instinct they were right, until now. Anyway's, thanks again.

Thank you for a great reading! My mom really enjoyed it and found much validation :)

Dear Christopher THANK YOU This reading was so accurate it was scary! S.

Christopher, Thank you so much for the beautiful reading. I plan on having a phone reading with you one of these days too. please keep in touch. (you are my personal cheerleader). I'll see you on Facebook as well. Thank you my dear friend. Love, N.

ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! I feel quite uplifted by your responses! Thank you soooooo much!

I have been talking with Chris for a year and a half now. I have used others to help find answers to my questions, I was not pleased with the results. He was absolutely on point with everything he saw for me. It happened just exactly how he said it would. He is so sweet and a GIFT to all of us here. He is by far the best there is PERIOD! Love you to pieces Christopher Reburn--You are my Angel here on earth. Tee

Thank you so much for the picture reading! Unfortunately we had something come up, so we couldn't join the live chat. We just listened to the archive and wanted to let you know we really appreciated your reading and comments about it being a beautiful photo. We feel comforted knowing that the Archangel Michael is around our son (whose middle name is Michael). We look forward to contacting you for a full reading in the future. Love, Erin and Bryan

My photo was one chosen for the live show. I am so grateful, and excited. However, I was not available to listen to the live show, but did listen as soon as I could, a couple of hours later. I actually got chills when you talked about the angels in my photo. I believe chills is truth. I love the show. The work you do is great. God Bless, Jenny

My dear friend - thank you for the beautiful reading. You definitely nailed it! There is not one word that didn't resonate. Thank you Christopher As always, your wisdom and gift is most appreciated. L.

Chris, Thanks so much! You've confirmed so much for me! It's amazing how accurate you are....down to the dog! My dog bear died while I was in college...I miss him. I'm really looking forward to talking to you as well! Peace and love, T.

Chris You are amazing! Thank you so much. D.

I've seen your website so many times and I don't know why I'd always chosen someone else as a reader. First off, thank you for the speedy response. Second.. WOW! Your reading was so intuitive and accurate, it's crazy! You were completely accurate! You have given me so much insight and have really read our relationship so perfectly! I'm a big believer in past lives so to know that we've had past lives together (I had an inkling when we first met) was great confirmation. I'm sorry, I'm rambling but bottom line, WOW! Great reading, you are amazing, thanks a million times over!

Hi Christopher! Thank you thank you dear friend. : ) You NEVER cease to amaze me!! Everything that you have just mentioned above is EXACTLY what happened or appears that way. You certainly do have a TREMENDOUS gift, and I will be requesting more readings from you

Thank you so much for the reading, you are spot on! Amazing insight on so many aspects. I am shocked. True connection with Spirit. Thank you so much Christopher - I will be back.

Thank you so much for your prompt reading. It definitely helped me find some clarity. I have ordered a past life reading as well. I'm very interested in knowing about those now! :) M.

Thank you so much for getting back to me quickly and with a very very good reading. You know you could not have described him better! Big thank you to you Chris, your are a star and i hope one day i can aspire to your level with my readings and helping others. L.

I got it your The Art of Healing CD today. It's the best CD I have got in a very long time again thank you Chris, I love it and happy I got it. Thanks! D.

Hi Christopher, great talking with you today. I found the cufflinks -- exactly where you said they were! Thanks, Kris.

Thank you Christopher for the great reading once again. Good news about the job..had a feeling it would take awhile too. The marriage is AWESOME news for the both of us..it's the bright light that keeps both of us going through the very rough times. Thank you so much for your insight, I'm sure you are sooooooooooo tired of using your gift for people all the time..but you bring so much comfort and joy to people doing this. I will be talking to you again soon. Thanks very much again. April and Patrick
Boy oh boy have you ever amazed me!!! You couldn't have hit the nail on the head more accurately!! What you describe here is exactly what has been going on! I have had other readings on the same situation from other readers and it seems as though you are all on the right track. Thank you for confirming to me what I already knew. I will be back Christopher, you can count on that!!

So far everything you have predicted has come true. My boyfriend and I wanted to thank you for helping us and being real. We knew the rough stuff was coming up, but it balances out the good stuff. We can't wait to see if the rest of the positive stuff happens for us. Thank you Chris

Thank you so much for everything, as always, and especially for making that special prayer for the kids. They really are becoming very spiritual and intuitive. My son is really healing just like you said. It's getting stronger. I can feel it when he hugs and kisses me. I look at him and I can see that he is so amazingly capable of so much. I love that this spiritual journey happened to me so that I could share it with my children and help them through this and give them this foundation for the rest of their lives and then on to their own children. Thank you Christopher, because you have been my teacher all along and I would not be where I am today with the faith that I have, had you not taught me so much and encouraged me every step of the way and just shared all of who you are with me and became my friend. I'm happy when I think of all of these wonderful things. Thanks hon!

I asked Christopher a simple one line question about getting work. He came back with messages from my two children who have passed and my guide. He could never have known that I lost children. I was so impressed and so happy. Thanks Christopher, you are the best. B

Wow.... thank you, that was very enlightening! You really got into the situation and the past life is something that is VERY believable in this situation. Great work Christopher! I know you will be hearing from me again soon. Thank you for sharing your precious gift with me to help me on my life's journey.

Thank you so much Christopher! I have to tell you that you are correct in mentioning my ties to New Orleans....I'm from New Orleans and most of my family still lives there! K.
I appreciate the detail and sincerity. You seem to truly have a gift from God.

Thank you so much for your reading! Your reading was amazing! It's almost like you know me! T.

I so much enjoy your readings. I cannot begin to tell you the joy that they bring to my life! I've had good positive responses from my guy after your readings. He has become the absolute love of my life! God bless you. K.

Dear Christopher, Thanks so much for the reading. Honestly it was one of the very best readings I have ever gotten and I had to cry a bit, out of happiness for it. I am excited that I am going into a new period of my life as these last few years have been depressing. The positive and genuine feeling I got from you was so different then a few others I can name. We will connect again.