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One True Earth Angel Christopher:) My family and I have been blessed and inspired to have Christopher offer his in-depth insight within our journey for over three years. I would like to share this with all of you who have ever had Christopher offer his in-depth insight within their journey and equally for those soon to come. Now here is what occurred in 2008. when my son was preparing to have his laser surgery on just one of his eyes. He had always worn thick lense glasses ever since he was a child. Yet once he entered his mid twenties he thought to have laser eye surgery. I contacted Christopher through email to seek his advice a few weeks before my son's laser procedure. I asked Christopher what he had envisioned for my son and the outcome during and after this procedure. What Christopher said to me was definitely heartfelt. He said my sons' laser eye surgery would go very well. He also said even the doctor performing this procedure would have never anticipated the immediate success for your sons' 20/20 vision correction. He was compassionate and understanding. Yet I have recently shared this information with Christopher."I said to him I had asked my guides to bring forth your presence and energy during my sons laser surgery. Also to please spiritually assist this doctor who would be performing my sons laser eye surgery. Yet what took place next was more than I could have ever expected. There was a young gentleman in the waiting area. he saw I had looked concerned. The fact I was nervous was mirrored all over my face. Therefore he walked over and sat down and befriended me. He gently smiled and said; What a cool blue crystal bracelet you are wearing. I thanked him and then looked up at him again and again. Believe me or not. This young gentleman had a remarkable close resemblance to Christopher. He was waiting for his friend who worked there to soon take a lunch break. I looked at him and said after awhile. Excuse me you remind me of a spiritual teacher who has read for me. I have just been in communication with him through email regarding my sons laser surgery. He said, oh for real! I then stated Christopher's full name to him. He said this is incredible. I have known Christopher Reburn for many years. He has often read for me. "I always check his schedule on line to keep up with him when ever he's in my area. This deeply touched me. What was the likelihood of me meeting someone here who not only knew Christopher BUT equally resembled him in appearance. YET I KNOW THERE IS ONLY "1-AUTHENTIC CHRISTOPHER REBURN". I feel this gentleman's presence was A reminder "Earth Angels" will manifest whenever called upon. Please always remember to call upon your ^^EARTH ANGELS THEY DO EXIST^^^ Thanks again Brethren Christopher for showing up your own way when I most needed you :) A. H. 12/24/2009

Just a quick "thank you" and a "God Bless You" from the bottom of my heart... I appreciate your time with me today and the words you spoke that confirmed what I know deep inside. The message from my mother brought me so much peace and I will speak to her even more now. I've only had one other reading done in my entire life so choosing you was based upon listening to you share on Blog Talk and feeling the nudge to schedule a reading with you. I'm glad you're back and I'll be looking forward to hearing you on the "radio".

Christopher, you were right about him. You told me in a reading that there's a big red flag with him, not safe, only friendship if at all. You were right! : )

Thank you so much for your time to do my past lives reading. I always wanted to know what the main purpose of this life was. It was such an honor to know that I was a healer in 11 of my past lives. Thank you again and hope you had a happy weekend.


Christopher's good! Tell Christopher thanks~amazing. He's incredible!!


Just lettng you know that I enjoy your podcasts and will start listening to your broadcast immediately. Your devotion to others is evident in these podcasts and has drawn me in. Thank you.

Since adding Christopher to my favorites on BlogTalkRadio, I don't even remember where or why I put him on my favorites lists but I have consistently missed the show. Today, I missed the show again but decided to go to the archive just to check him out. At one point Christopher hesitated saying he had gone over this information so many times and was concerned that people would be bored. I know he doesn't need validation but I felt compelled, perhaps it was the nudging of my guide whom i have recently had a somewhat staticy connection with, decided to go ahead and send this email. I have been stuck for two years, it's a long story but suffice to say i have been blocked from being able to do anything in my life. It's circumstances outside of my control (immigration laws, husbands workplace injury, etc) A year ago I emotionally just gave up and recently have been considering physically giving up. It's been a long hard 50 year road for me and I am just tired. Christopher today I listened to your show and you have given me a different perspective to my situation. Perhaps I did ask or rather demand for changes to come into my life before I knew I was ready and now had to sit back and wait for the time line to catch up. I believe this is my last trip here and that is why I have had sooooo many hoops and hurdles to navigate. Well for whatever it's worth I believe that is why you were asked to repeat so many of your thoughts.

Just wanted to mention in a reading I had with you on 14 May 2009. You said my Dad's Spirit Guide warned of his heart problems. He had a heart attack six weeks ago (he survived it but required 6 bypasses in open heart surgery). It has been quite the ordeal for him. You were spot on.

Hi Christopher, Just thought you'd like to know you were right again (as usual! LOL) You had told me my nephew and wife would have a boy - today the ultra sound shows it is indeed a boy to be born in November. He will be named Adam. They are thrilled! It has been so long and they were told she had a medical condition that would prevent her from getting pregnant. George is the oldest of the grandkids.

I am going to Big Bear California. I will have internet access up there and will check out your twitter updates. I thought you would like to know that you predicted me going on this trip from a past reading months ago!

I was very much impressed with your reading and wanted to take time to send my great hugs of thanks. There were details you mentioned (I never told you) that surprised me greatly. The part where you said 'to allow him to lead and not pressure him' which I have done in the past. Now it makes sense with your reading! God bless and again, many thanks!!!


I am thanking God everyday, that he sent me such a wonderful people like you are, to see the whole Truth of the Universe and to be awaken. I wish everybody can understand what our Father God wants for us.

Hi Christopher,
Thank you so very much for my reading. I felt as if you had known me my whole life. It validated a lot of my health issues that I've been going through. I am a 4 yr. breast cancer survivor. Everyday is a special gift to me. Thank you again for such a insightful reading. God bless you.

Just wanted to let you know I found my cat Alice after 4 weeks of her being gone like you said... No one thought I would ever see her again. Thanks- Love ya Susan

I have received a number of psychic readings from you over the past year and must tell you that each reading stood true! I am a firm believer and have shared my admiration of you with my friends who are interested in direction for their life path:)

Thank you so much for my past life reading, you have helped very much. I would like to thank YOU, I am more at ease after reading what you wrote. I will be contacting you again soon as I have a few more questions to ask you. Have a great day and blessings to you and your family. Take Care & a big Thank YOU!

Christopher, thank you for your precise answers in regards to my job. You were absolutely right. You prepared me. I hope one day I will be able to do something nice for you. You can never know how much I appreciate the warning for work and all of your guidance with everything else. This was one time in my life, that I did not let the job get the best of me. I was prepared thanks to you. I love you Christopher. You are a Saint. I mean that.

Let me just say, YOU ARE THE ONE PSYCHIC ON EARTH I TRUST, end of story!

I was so upset and desperate to speak with you, and once again you have come up with the facts, Thanks so much for a pormpt reply, and I appreciate your Friendship as ever.

The doctor did find a secondary infection in Bam Bam from all of the scratching of his face so you picked that up right, about the imbalance from germs/particles getting under the skin. He is on antibiotics..


I wanted to thank you from the depth of my heart for guiding me at every step. You are really a blessing. Thank you so much for encouraging and helping me out. I feel much stronger now. Thank you so much for your support. I don't know what I would do without you. God bless you!

I absolutely agree with you! You readings are always so helpful and you have such a compassionate way of delivering news, even when it feels bad. I thank you again for everything and for always being so kind, warm, and loving. Your reading has really lifted the clouds around me.

Your words regarding my daughter are so accurate. Thank you for my reading. You have confirmed what I already feel on many issues.

Thanks for your lovely email reading and guidance once again. It was extremely helpful. Your readings help me letting go of bad things. Sometimes, bad stuff tries to overcome my mind, but I read your readings again and again to stay calm, so I can keep moving. It has helped me tremendously. Thanks for being there. I do have made some changes recently. But, it would not be possible without your help.

I don't think that I thanked you so much for not only giving me a very hopeful reading for Jessica but also for taking time out of your already busy and filled life to help to heal my child. You are such a sweetheart and I love you a lot.

Thank you so much for your guidance. You are right about everything.

I dont know where to start, other then to say Thank you so very much for your honesty, insight, confirmation.

You are truly amazing and i thank the lord for sending you my way and also for allowing you to make such a tremendous difference in the lives of other. I feel like i have know you forever and i trust you with my life,So god bless you my dear friend and may your light always shine brightly and your heart be filled with peace, love and protecting. God bless you on your journey!

Thank you so much for the reading. My sister and I planned to write earlier but believe me, we were in a state of shock, “a good shock”. We sat in stunned silence for several days mourning the time we have wasted and the sadness, deception and pain that has prevailed over us for too too long. We are cutting our ties with these people. You helped to validate all that we've been feeling for years and we both feel lighter, happier and FREE. Everything you communicated was dead on. Even the name of my grandmother. Christopher we can’t thank you enough. We’ve wasted so much time and now we are free. God Bless and THANK YOU.

I trust your reading. It does resonate alot about what's happening in my life now.

I will have more readings for you soon. Thank you so much for your prayer and healing. I really really do appreciate and need them :)

Christopher-Thank you so very much. You always help ease pains and insecurities. Your healing and cleansing of my spirit is greatly appreciated and probably needed much more than I know. God bless and once again, thank you.

I am truly Blessed to have you in my life. Thank you so very much for another amazing reading. I cannot express how lucky I feel. My Reading has given me so much insight and raises more questions. I will definitely be purchasing more. :)

Thank you so much Christopher for helping me you have no idea how thankful I am of your time and your advice with my situation!!!! I really appreciate you taking the time from your busy schedule to email me back. Just wanted to say thank you again because you didn't have to help me further past my reading if you didn't want to, but you did.

Thank you SO MUCH for my reading. I needed to hear from you more than I even realized. I feel almost like I have a "second wind" again! And thank you also for the money blessing!

Thank you Christopher for giving me so much insight to my situation. You are amazing as well as compassionate.

Hi Christopher, thank u so much for the reading. very spot on!!

No need to apologize for the bluntness. The truth is always preferable to sugar-coated lies. Anyways, after all these years, it no longer hurts and I won't be investing any significant energy on it. Just wanted confirmation. Thank you so much!

Thanks you so much! You are a very gifted psychic. Thanks for your time!

Thank you again for such a thorough and meaningful reading. You have provided me with a lot of food for thought and action.

Thank you very much for your powerful reading. You have certainly validated many of the things I have been feeling, and am grateful to you for including Jamey in your prayers. I know that there is an ordeal in front of me but am very relieved to hear from you that it isn't likely to remove the possibilities I have to help others in the mental health field.

Just wanted to thank Christopher for being there to answer my spiritual questions. Hes really right on about the stuff going on in my life its crazy! Its always great that i can come to him and he'll know how to help and he gives good advice too! Thanks and I'll patiently and excitedly wait for my reading!

Thank you for showing me that life is a journey and we all have to follow our own journeys and no one's journey is the same! I feel so good on making that decision and realizing it! When your choice feels good, its means its the right choice!!!!

You did one of my many readings for me regarding my daughter and her unexpected pregnancy many months ago. You had stated that she would go through quite a bit of bipolar swings and it would be a rough road. Yes Christopher you are once again very correct in your reading. The family agrees that she definitely needs help in more ways than one, but wanted to let you know that indeed you were right

Thank you Christopher I truly do mean what I say, I send you endless hugs and love, you are really a very special person who means a lot to me, and has helped me TREMENDOUSLY!!!! I just wish that I could reciprocate to you what you have done for me.

I just had to email you again Christopher and tell you again and thank you for having your Blog radio shows that I am listening to now every week. I truly do believe that it is your shows that have changed me spiritually. I feel a peace from within that Ive not felt before. I feel as though I am in touch with my spirit guide and dont have this fear anymore of feeling alone, as I know now that I am not spiritually. This has also helped my negative thinking significantly as well. I have told many friends about this change that I have been feeling and also have told them how and why they have changed. Thank you for being such a wonderful friend.

Dearest Christopher - The other 'psychics' I've talked to in the past pale in comparison to your talents. After our first few readings, I was hooked. I've kept a log of all our readings. It amazes me as I re-read them now almost a year later how many personal predictions you saw for me - and as they continue to be validated I'm in awe - first by you; so loving, kind, and compassionate. Then by your gift; it is truly rare in its accuracy and this sets you apart from the masses. I'm excited and blessed to know I have your guidance and friendship for the long road ahead. All the best to you, my friend! -Shelly

Here is the thing about Christopher Reburn. I have known him for years now. He is my friend and the person I trust most in the world to help me thru life's difficulties. The 1st question I ever asked Christopher was about my soulmate. Christopher validated (not that I needed him to, but it sure felt nice!) that "Yes" he was my soulmate, and he elaborated beautifully on what my future would be like with this man. He was as right as rain. He also told me that I came here this lifetime to write as an author. My 1st book was released in August 2008 and I am currently writing the 2nd, 3rd and 4th books are on the way. He has been a blessing to me every single second and his predictions have come true. He was there when my Mom passed, describing exactly what happened when she crossed over. I saw the same things myself, so I knew he was right. I never doubted him and I never will. Christopher has a rare spirit and gift to help people. I have seen him help anyone and everyone. He works tirelessly for those in need. Christopher changed my life, he created someone who had confidence where there was a little girl shaking with fear. Christopher can't help you if you aren't willing to put in the work. No matter who you go to for spiritual help, you are the captain of your own ship and only you can make final decisions. Christopher is there to offer psychic insights and spiritual guidance, not to rule your life. As far as $ goes, I think he is worth every single dime and much lower than other well known psychic mediums. Thank you. Nancy Howry.

To me, Christopher represents a new way of perceiving my own spirituality. He has expanded my mind and given me the ability to see things apart from my old 'tunnel vision'. I did tell Christopher that I believed meeting him was in 'my plan' all along - it was meant to be. Of course, he resisted accepting that accreditation. Regardless, I believe it and therefore, his friendship means so much to me. I'm blessed he shares his abilities the way he does but even more so I'm impressed that someone so talented (and accurate) is genuinely sweet, caring, and humble. I have no doubt my life will be better through his insights and guidance. He is truly a very special person. S.

I've had readings with you, six to be exact. You gave me information in one of them in reference to the location of my birth mother. Well, last Saturday 10/5/08 I found her to be living in New Hampshire. Depending on the location in Cape Cod (as the entire area around the bay is referred to as “Cape Cod”), that would make the distance that you gave in the reading to be approximately within 80-110 miles of her exact location. I would consider that to be a very good and highly accurate “hit”.

Your prediction came true right after we hang up. I don't know how you do it, but I'm glad to have you as a person to turn to when things get crazy! Much love, N. x

Hi Christopher, Thank you for reading for me so quickly! I do thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have had other readings with other psychic mediums but I never felt any of it to be true. I have to tell you that something just kept taking me back to you! M.

Thank you so much for your insightful reading! I am so much more motivated to keep going and follow my dreams. You were right on the money about my heart being in a different place, career wise. It has been for a while now. I liked the fact that you were honest. Thank you and God Bless, J. PS. You have a great assistant in Pam. Very patient with those of us eager for our readings!

I hope that you are doing great. I just wanted to thank for your guidance. My sister is happy about her future husband. My mom is feeling very happy about this engagement between then both. She will be formally engaged to him soon with an engagement ring. Both of our families are both happy over this union. Thanks a lot once again. S

Thank you so very are very accurate!!! You truly have a gift and I always try to be positive and will definitely take your guidance. I will also refer people to you and will talk with you further if I need advice as I progress. R.

Thank you so much for your guidance. Your reading gave me so much peace today. I am glad that I have met you in my life. You are such a beautiful spiritual being. I enjoy listening to your shows, live sometimes, and sometimes at archives. I will be joining them live from now on whenever possible. I look forward to them. You have cleared a lot of confusion in my mind about life and spirituality. Now, I am feeling that I have begun to understand the complex chemistry of life, and why certain things happen in our lives. I am also getting back to my regular prayers and meditation routine from today, and will fast also. It has a miraculous effects on my soul, and I feel the effects right away. Bless you with happiness and guidance. You are a great blessing for people to have in their lives. S.

I took a day to respond back to you, because I have been in total awe of your reading this time. Its been incredibly accurate. This has been the most accurate reading I've ever gotten in my life!!! WOW! Every single thing you've said is so true, so very true. Your reading couldn't have come at a more perfect time for me emotionally. You have no idea how relieved I am! Thank you. K.

Thank you so much Christopher. You have been not only an amazing psychic but a friend that I will always cherish. You are a blessing to me. J.

Thank you. I do write and have self published three books. I love to travel, so I am kinda hoping that either or both will come together. You are spot on with my eldest son. He is very concerned about other people and a natural councilor. You have been amazingly accurate. So thank-you once again. G.

I had to write you back because I am so excited that I was able to validate something so quickly. You mentioned the word "Pengrowth." In my city, the Pengrowth Saddledome is the main indoor arena here. You also mentioned some sort of racing event with cars and trucks and meeting the first week of March. Well, I found out that from Feb 29-Mar 2 the US Hot Rod Monster Jam will be held there. Thanks! A.

Thank you so much for such a lovely and deeply spiritual reading. I don't know how to say thank you to you. I really dont have suitable words. Probably you can feel that. My heart is at so much peace now with the things that happened in the past. I really can forgive people whom I need to forgive now. Thanks. S.

I had two readings with you, one in February and one in March. I wanted you to know just how much your readings have affected my life in a positive way.

You were able to give me insights regarding my daughter. These insights have enabled me to see her in such a different light, and to appreciate and celebrate who she is as well as her angelic nature. I get the feeling that she senses the change in me, and this has enriched our relationship. Thank you Christopher. You are a blessing to many people. K

I just wondered if you would pass on an almighty thank you to Christopher as he has gave me the will to go on! I cant believe how accurate he was, and the insight he knew. You dont know how much that reading meant to me, i read it over and over and the tears were streaming. Thank you and god bless you for renewing my faith in Spirit. L.

I have now passed you on to various friends of mine

And once again Chris was oh so right!!! My guy smiled and waved like crazy at me today!!! I told him my feelings towards him and said if he felt the same to keep waving at me and smiling and Id take that as a sign and he sure did this today!!! I cried all the way to work with tears of joy!!! Chris thank you so much you have no idea how much joy you showed me I was going to have in my life. You are my angel. May angels protect you.

Thank you Christopher. I have to tell you tears were welling up in my eyes and I was filled with emotion but I have to hold it back since I'm in Starbucks LOL!!! Wow and thank you your reading has touched me deeply and tremendously. I'm using big words but the feeling I have isn't small so thank you Christopher. Thanks a ton! Love, Ian