This is a very special part of Christopher's website. It's a section of the website dedicated to Christopher and to the thousands of people he has helped with his psychic and spiritual abilities.

 The below testimonials you are about to read are real stories from real people that Christopher has assisted with questions, closure, psychic readings, spiritual guidance, teachings and healings. We will be adding and updating this page frequently with your stories and personal testimonials on Christopher.

You may send in your validations from readings you've had with Christopher Reburn. Christopher always enjoys hearing back from his many clients and their validations, he considers these conversements a way of simply saying "thank you", not only to Christopher,  but also to God for allowing Christopher to share his genuine psychic ability with the world. Whether you've had one reading with Christopher or one hundred, or whether Christopher answered your question at a lecture, personal appearance or on the "Ask Chris" section, please take a minute to send in your validations and experiences today!

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Thank you so much, Christopher! I am feeling many blessings and more strength already. My guides are definitely at work. I think I may have just been propelled into the "advanced" course in life challenges, but I see the blessings and feel stronger than before, thankfully. And seeing things from a new angle helps also! I appreciate your prayers and healing very much!!! T. B. 7/13/2012


I am really happy to receive your email reading! THANK YOU SO MUCH for your valuable comments and professional recommendation to me. Thanks again!!!!!! Have a wonderful day Best regards. J. C. 7/12/2012


My sister & I are once again in complete awe of your incredible talents. Your last email reading to us answered many questions relating to our brother who has been in the hospital for over 2 months now. As you had previously envisioned, he has had one set back after another. Just as his health seems to improve, another life threatening situation occurs. Spot on Chris!!! We cherish your responses and we know that without them we would be living a whole different life. S. D. 7/10/2012


I’ve had many readings with Christopher Reburn over the last seven years and all of them have been very accurate. People genuinely love and care about you Christopher, and those who don’t, I wouldn’t worry about – they are the ones missing out! Keep shining your beautiful energies and light with those of us who do appreciate you! R. C. 7/10/2012


I have read and reread your email reading and I truly appreciate the honest and forthright approach. I am actually feeling better since requesting the reading. Anyway, you are right in all counts. The reading is well done and true and correct. I knew some of the answers already but needed validation. Christopher, you’re awesome! H. G. 7/10/2012


Thank You Christopher for your guidance. I will continue to try to be positive. You were right on about many things you said. L. C. 7/4/2012


Thank you so much Christopher. I always love the insight you share. I'm so sorry you were affected by that storm, I'm just glad you are ok. My prayers are with you as well :) T. S. 7/3/2012

Thank you Christopher so very much for the accurate email reading! I’ll be back! C. N. 6/21/2012


First, thank you for the reading! And for the offer to share blessings over our new home. That is very kind of you and I will take you up on it!! Hope you and your family are doing great!! Sending you and yours love too. L. D. 6/21/2012


Thank you for your time and abundance in insight. It really has helped me make distinct decisions for the better of universe, myself, and another. I am truly grateful, and humbled. Before I was a little nervous but after your words I entered into conversation with confidence, joy and understanding. Shine On! M. M. 6/8/2012


Dear Christopher, thank you so much for your reading. I want to especially thank you for being very clear. It's just what I needed to relax my nerves. I know you have the ability to speak to SPIRIT and an even more gifted way to speak to us here on earth. I will keep you in my prayers and thank you again for praying for us. Blessings to you and yours. Thanks again for sharing your gift. K. B. 5/30/2012

Hello Christopher, I came across your Podcasts on ITunes several weeks ago and have been listening to them on my way to and from work. They are inspiring and cover all the subjects that interest me and more. The ones you've done on animals on the other side have given me great comfort and joy. I lost my best friend WallyBear almost 4yrs ago and still miss her very much. Thank you for the joy and blessings your Podcasts have given me. It's so appreciated and I thank God for your ministry....I just wanted to encourage you to keep on making them because you touch peoples lives with comfort and hope. God Bless you! B. R. 5/28/2012


Thanks for the reading. I especially enjoyed what you had to say about my dog :) I really love animals and the depth of sadness I felt when he passed away was like losing one of my children. Now, when I think of him, it makes me smile. It made me happy to hear that he's doing so well and still drops by to see us. Like everyone I've loved and lost, he will always be with me in my thoughts, memories and in my heart. S. P. 5/24/2012


Thank you very much, Christopher. Your reading last year was very accurate, It is good to know the crossroads ahead will be positive. I so enjoy your readings, and thank you for taking the time to give such complete answers. Please have a happy, healthy, and fun summer! V. H. 5/19/2012


Thank you SOOO much Christopher! The words you have spoken were exactly what I was feeling but it is wonderful to know that my thoughts were validated. Everything you described is EXACTLY what was and is happening. You have helped me tremendously and I will be reaching out again soon. You are truly an amazing person! S. B. 5/17/2012


Dearest Christopher, friend, brother, and gentle soul: Christopher truly your gift changes people's lives. I humbly thank you and am grateful. With the spirit radiating through there is no bad news! And as long as one can see the beautiful manifestation of truth what great peace! Thank you from the depths of my soul. May you have a happy friday filled with SUNSHINE, time for YOURSELF, SMILES, and LAUGHTER!  M. M. 5/2/2012


Thank you Christopher! I sure do miss my grandmother. I'm so glad she can see me live out the rest of my life while she is on The Other Side, since the last few years of her life she had Alzheimer's. B. K. 5/2/2012


I want to thank you for my email reading. You have given me faith that all will work out. Once again thank you and bless you. L. G. 4/27/2012


Thank you so much for this reading... I can relate to all of it and I will certainly focus on what spirit spiritual side is extremely important to me and I thank you in regards to my daughter... I send a hug to you my friend and many blessings..L. M.  4/25/2012     


Thank you very much Christopher for the great reading. :) C. G. 4/17/2012


Thank u Christopher you always cease to amaze me :) . thanks so much for helping me confirm what I already sensed. Hope every is going great for you my friend !!! Always love connecting with you. M. P. 4/12/2012


My dear Christopher, thank you for the reading. At the time of your reading, I was still waiting to hear about an opportunity overseas (it was at a standstill). Finally I have an interview next week! And it was one of my ‘connections’ that led me to this potential job just as you mentioned in the reading! Sending you love and light and thank you for your kindness and friendship. L. S. 4/12/2012


Thank u so much for the guidance! I am trying to listen and act as guided. Its a goal I refuse to fail. Your helping hand is a blessing. All of your messages resonate with me strongly and give me more faith to go with what I knew in my heart . Again thank you. Blessings and love to you and I promise u and the universe your time spent on me will not be in vein. A. M. 3/31/2012

I am sure you are extremely busy caring about and guiding others as you did for me, so I will keep this brief. I just wanted to tell you how honored, privileged and grateful I feel, to have asked you to help me with our recent reading. Words really can't express how comforting your response was - everything was absolute truth. How touched I was to become a part of your endless love for humanity, by the offer to keep me in your prayers as I continue on my Journey - although I honestly feel that I am one of God's most "learning impaired" children. Everything you said was perfect truth. May God bless you and may God's peace always be with you Christopher - what a beautiful person you are! S. V. 3/29/2012

Thank you Christopher for your email reading. The reading validates all that I have been feeling.....and that I was right all along! I always tend to doubt my self. Thanks a lot for your encouraging words; they mean a lot in these difficult times. A. D. 3/8/2012


Thank you for your advice and feedback. I really value them because they ring true to me. I will spend some time documenting my work issues for my boss and then arrange a time to talk to her.  S. P. 3/7/2012


I really appreciate the reading you just did for me. I will do my best to heed all of what you and Spirit have advised and keep my energies strong. At one point when I was reading your email reading to me, you mentioned Archangel Michael and I was very delighted that you have asked him to surround me my family with love, thank you so much for that. The reason I was taken back was because a few years ago I also called upon Archangel Michael. I now believe he heard me. Anyhow thank you very much you truly have been blessed with a gift from God. Take care and rest when you can, I know you have a busy schedule but everyone needs rest even God rested when he created the world. B. A. 2/29/2012


Thank you SOO much for the reading - as usual, it was right-on and very helpful, and needed. You are right about letting him know where I am and what my plans are. It is time - and I have no doubt whatsoever if I don't, he will indeed be popping back into my life, likely when I am least expecting it. What an amazing gift from God! Thank you again, Christopher! I will back within the few weeks for a follow-up reading...possibly sooner...K. B. 2/24/2012


Hi Christopher, thank your for such a thorough reading. All the best. V. S. 2/17/2012


Thank you so much Christopher for the ON POINT reading. You are right on with this. Totally right on! I know this because I've known him for over 20 yrs. So what you explained in your reading did not disappoint me one bit. It just confirmed stuff instead. Thank you. B. L. 2/9/2012

Thank you so much for your very insightful email reading. It has really touched home with me and I will continue to re-read your reading throughout the day and days to come as I feel it is exactly what I needed to hear/read. I will try very hard to follow what is written in the email reading and learn from my present and my past times/events/mistakes. I will continue to try and be as strong as I can and to keep above water. The smaller dog that came through to you I believe to be my beloved Shih Tzu that passed back in 2008. When I read of her sneaking up and giving me kisses with tail wag, a smile grew on my face. Thank you so much for that. she suffered a terrible illness in her later days/months/years and it brings me great joy and comfort knowing she is at peace and still comes to see me and gives me those loveable kisses. Also how wonderful I feel knowing that I am loved by many spirits, Archangel Michael and a Grandmother figure that I'm sure is one of my Grandmothers. This gives me a peaceful feeling knowing that I am loved and that they are there supporting/guiding/helping me. Many thanks Christopher, getting your reading was such a blessing and bright spot in this very hard time for me. C. L. 2/7/2012

I would like to praise you for the wonderful reading I received from you last year. You were accurate about literally everything. I have never gotten a reading that was so amazingly correct. I realize that you do a lot of readings and you cant possibly keep track of it all. You predicted that my child would come early and he arrived two weeks early. You also said that I was a medium, and you have to be pretty confident to state such a claim. I would like you to know that I am a medium, and I do come from over two hundred years of psychics and healers. Thank you Christopher!! F. L. 1/15/2012

Thank so much for the e-mail reading. You truly are a very gifted person! I have much respect for you! Sending you and your family also my blessings and beautiful seasons! L. H. 12/8/2011


Thank you, Christopher. Your readings are starting to put my heart at ease. I wish I could explain how much you've touched me. C. N. 12/5/2011

OH MY GOODNESS! Thank you SO much. This reading is so spot on! I just love the message from my brother, and that Spirit is watching over my children.Thank you again so much. What a wonderful service you provide for people! God Bless you and yours. Thank you again so very much. You are in my prayers, as I have learned how to pray again. S. H. 11/22/2011

Thanks Christopher for the email reading. This is good stuff. All the best. J. C. 11/2/2011

Thank you for your email reading! There are many true statements within it. I am so grateful that you are including my husband in your healing prayers, he really could use some :) S. R. 10/21/2011

Thank you for your reading. Everything that said below is true. Thank you for including us in your prayers. M. G. 10/17/2011

Thank you for my reading! Thanks for being my very own personal cheerleader. Twenty brownie points+ for you my friend :) M. P. 10/7/2011

You're awesome! It amazes me how much you get just from an email reading. I'm sure it comes from 30yrs experience too! Thank you for your help! B. T. 10/3/2011

Thank you so much for this reading! Every word you've written confirms my (and my family) feelings/intuition about the situation also what you've written down about her passing. It feels that she is very happy that I asked you for this reading to give us clarity about the feelings that we've had and that these feelings/intuition was/where right. Christopher thank you so much for this reading!! I send you my blessings, love and light!  L. S. 9/15/2011

Thank you so much! That is all I needed to know and of course, you are spot on. It is good to hear from another person! I love getting your email readings back. It's like you are reading a page of a book I don't know the language of, and then it all makes sense. E. D. 9/14/2011

Your reading was very very helpful and I want to thank you for your healing energy as well. What a gift! Thank you from all of my heart Christopher!! K. G. 9/3/2011

Christopher--I thought I would let you know. Your reading was 100% accurate. Thank you so much. The grandmotherly spirit that you mentioned is my grandmother, who after her death moved no less than 8 jewelry boxes out of their hiding places so that I could find them. She was known by my mother and me for her telekinetic abilities when she was alive and her Spirit is still active with this. You hit every other part too. You are incredibly gifted and a true angel on Earth. Thank you for your reading. M. L. 8/26/2011


Thank you so much for the honest reading that gives me a good base for making improvements in my life. I needed to hear the ugly more than anything else. I have felt the things you described for a long time and it feels great to finally have validation. I hope you know I appreciate everything you do for me. I will continue to use you in the future. H. G. 8/19/2011

Christopher, you're a good role model for others in praising and encouraging other's success. In other words, you don't have any problems with supporting other healers/light workers such as Lisa Williams. Often people are still stuck in the mentality of competition and get to the 'top' at any cost, stepping on others along the way. Rarely does the mass majority of people complement and congratulate others on their success like you do. Thank you for supporting Lisa William's success and for your humility. Your mindset helps greatly the 5th dimensional heart paradigm we are trying to move toward.
S. O. 8/12/2011


Wow, Christopher - thank you SOO much for getting back to me so quickly! I needed this email reading more than you know. Well...probably you did know, huh? Love you my friend - I will be purchasing a phone reading with you very soon - am very much looking forward to that! K. B. 8/4/2011

Hi Christopher, I'm catching up on all your wonderful, helpful, archive shows, and wanted to say thank you! I was directed to one particular show today, and you used the words 'truth seeker, truth teller' - I'd never heard this phrase before last night when I received it intuitively - I couldn't believe it when you said it! What a wonderful confirmation that I'd heard and understood correctly - a real confidence boost! Please keep up the inspiring work :) C. E. 8/4/2011


Thank you my friend! I love my family so much and I try to balance everyone but I know all of this emotional trial needs to happen for a reason. Take care. Many blessings. Y. A. 8/3/2011

Hi Christopher. Thank you again for all your help. I know you are spot on correct. I feel the same way but I've been doubting my own instincts as of late. Thanks also for the warm wishes. God Bless You! I feel blessed that the universe has given me you. Your friend, K. E. 7/22/2011

Thank you for such a thorough and inspiring reading! Wow! Thank you so much! I always thought I had 2 Spirit Guides, and you just confirmed that! With my 2 Totem Animals being the eagle and the dolphin, I understand now more than ever why birds and water (especially the ocean) resonate so strongly with me! Thank you again! I will be in touch again and certainly recommend you enthusiastically! M. T. 7/20/2011

Thank you so much for the fast email reading. You are very right about my sister's boyfriend. She has seen the signs that he won't change. His whole family has the same issues, so that too, was correct. Hopefully this reading will help her wake up and see it herself. Thank you again and will talk again someday. T. R. 7/11/2011

Thank you Christopher for the email reading! I read to my sister the part about her sons. She said her home is always covered with mourning doves :) Also, things are always tuning on and off by them selves flashlights, and such. That is always happening. just as you had said. My husband DID lose his wallet, he even went so far as to order a new drivers license! Now my husband is a believer! My sister just called me back as I'm writing this and said that her deck is covered with doves :) Thanks again Christopher!  M. D. 7/6/2011

I won a free reading with you in October 2008. You told me several things that have already come true. You also let me ask you a personal question concerning my marriage. You told me 3 years. Well things are heading in that direction. You were totally on the money with your predictions! I thank you for that. I am currently moving with my job to another state and this is enabling my daughter to protect her son from his father, which was a major part of that reading. Thank You for sharing your gifts. D. H. 7/5/2011

Thanks Christopher. Sometimes it's easy to lose sight of the big picture. Good to hear good things in general are coming and things will work out for us. J. A. 6/21/2011

What a wonderful reading you gave me. I'm so grateful as it was what I was needing right now. It was lovely to hear that my mother is doing well on the other side. Yes, my mother does come to me in my dreams and I travel to her in the astral also. I have also had things moving in my house, especially since having this reading done, as you mentioned. You confirmed for me my purpose in this life time and have given me the courage to believe in myself. Thank you for your valuable words and kindness and I will be in touch with you again in the future.
S. J. 6/10/2011

As always, Thank you so much for this beautiful message! Can't find more words to say as I am quiet inside and letting the message flow into my being. L. S. 6/9/2011

Just wanted to write and let you know you are right on the target about the job pay situation. I got word this week that there are those working for me behind the scenes and that I need to back off and let things unfold. Your thoughts support this. Thank you Christopher! G. R. 6/1/2011

Thank you for the reading. I feel the truth in your words & will be back for readings in the future. B. T. 5/28/2011

I thank you so much for the has lightened my heart and I will take the advice given. I am aware of my mother being around and have even had butterflies land on me and sit there looking at me, which I always have believed is my mother. Many thanks and I send you heartfelt blessings to you and your loved ones.L. S. 5/25/2011

I wanted to tell you that my last reading with you was right on track! The more the year progressed, it has shown everything you predicted has happened! Just wild! In fact you had me calling the school counselor asking about my graduation date and YOU were right ! I just laughed and shook my head..your great Christopher..I'm still astonished! Thanks! P. D. 11/24/2010

Thank you so very much. You are truly a kind person, doing MUCH good here on earth. I feel lucky to have discovered your podcast on Itunes. S. H. 7/22/2010

I found your website by clicking on a random comment after a story about the Air India crash. Some of your predictions are amazingly accurate! Thanks for what you're doing and trying to help things. Thanks so much!M. P. 5/21/2010

Thank you so much for my phone reading! Probably the most valuable sixty minutes I've had in years! :) You don't know how appreciative I am in all that you do. I LOVE your talk show and I am a big fan and will continue to get readings with you! What would I do without you :) Much love. M. P. 5/6/2010

I just started listening to Christopher's show this year and have started with the beginning shows and listen to them everyday. Christopher you have an amazing ability to bring such a postive message with so much information to everyone. The love that you have for other people and the kindness that you have is so remarkable. Thank you for doing all that you do and I hope you get plenty of rest. You work so hard and I ask God to send special blessings and healing energy to you. M. C. 2/25/2010
 As always you are right on about my Dad and about everything else. Thank you for insightful reading. I will schedule another reading with you shortly to discuss developing my psychic ability. A. D. 10/6/2009


I had to send you a quick note. I've read this email reading many times already and I'm sure to read it again, and again. This reading, like your others, brings me peace and excitement to move forward into the next chapter of life. You confirmations of what I'm already feeling just gives me all the more confidence to do so. Thank you so much for all your support! J. R. 10/3/2009


Thank you for the reading that you have given me yesterday. I was totally floored by the names that Spirit shared with you. I let them read this email reading from you to let them know that Mom is okay, it brought tears to our eyes. I had to laugh about how my Mom teased about some peace and quiet. Thank you again Christopher! J. S. 8/27/2009


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