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The economy will see some signs of improvement in 2013, especially toward late-spring/early summer. I feel that in 2013 & 2014, we will finally start seeing signs that the economy is getting back on track. Though this will take a few more years, I do believe that we’ll see signs of improvements in 2013 & 2014 that will fix some of our nation’s financial crisis. The unemployment rate will improve. More American manufacturers will begin producing their products in America, opposed to overseas, which in turn will help the economy.




Travel Warnings / Security Warnings / Safety Concerns


Japan – I feel that there will be another series of earthquakes in Japan in 2013 with tsunami conditions.


Israel – I still feel that even with the current peace deal in place, Israel will be attacked and this will set forth a war.  


Egpyt – Violence in Egpyt will continue, making it a very unsafe place to be, especially for Americans. I do feel that we will see more killings in Egpyt in 2013 of Americans and foreign citizens.


Indonesia –I see a major earthquake happening in Indonesia that will be one for the record books. I also feel that this could bring on tsunami-like conditions that could devastate the country.
Russia – I feel that a war within Russia is brewing and we will see more signs of this in 2013 & 2014.




Storm Season


The winter storm season in the Midwest & Northeast parts of America will see the worst of the winter season. I feel that there will be record snow fall, as well as powerful winter storms that will cause power outages, more so than we’ve seen in the past few years.


I believe that we will see more storms like Superstorm Sandy in the future, especially around the New York/New Jersey/Virginia areas on the East Coast, as well as in California on the West Coast, that will bring forth tsunami-like conditions.



The 2013 Hurricane Season will include 16 named storms, including 6 hurricanes. I feel that in 2013, Texas will have to pay extra close to attention to the storms. I also feel that Florida & North Carolina will receive damaging floods & tornados from near-direct hits.




Stock Market


We will see some difficulty in the stock market in 2013, especially during the first quarter of the year, and some parts of the summer and early fall/autumn, however, I do feel that we will see more up’s than down’s in 2013 with the stock market with some improvements that will make investors very happy.


Celebrity Predictions



Whitney Houston’s daughter, Bobbi Kristina, will go through a series of public breakdowns and health incidents before entering a life coaching and rehabilitation program. The Angels are watching her very closely and worry she is making bad decisions that could claim her life if she doesn’t find peace within.

Cher will attempt another career comeback in 2013, but it will fall short of her previous successful comebacks. While her new album will likely delight her fans, it will not see the mega chart-topping success that some of her best-selling previous albums have had.




Regis Philbin will have some heart-related health issues and will cut back a great deal on his acting and performance schedules.

Leann Rimes & Eddie Cibrian will separate and divorce.




Taylor Swift will have some severe security issues from a deranged stalker.




President Obama’s approval rating will improving over the next few years. The Angels feel very confident in him making some very big improvements in his 2nd term as President of the United States of America. I also see him working hard with an immigration reform that will allow more people to come to live and work in this country.




Gay marriage will continue to claim victory in a series of states in North America in 2013 & 2014. By 2015, I really feel that we’ll see America pass gay marriage throughout the country. There will be some stops and starts along the way, but ultimately victory will prevail.




There will continue to be a tremendous amount of lightworkers, psychics and mediums emerging in the world to help us all. So many babies are coming into life now to be a beacon of light for the world with powerful healing and psychic abilities that will light their journey forward.




THE ECONOMY will continue to improve gradually in 2010. We will continue to see small signs of improvement throughout the year, and I do see that by August many people who are in severe doubt of any financial improvement will finally be able to see the signs taking a positive shape. As I predicted in November 2008 that we’d see some positive economy improvements and shifts in 2009, and we have, but it’s going to take around 2-3 years to get back to where we need to be. This is when we all have to come together and understand the time that we are in, and pull together. We will make it through this.

GAS PRICES will stay about the same until springtime when we’ll see an increase, and there will also be increases over the summer and fall months. I don’t see that they will get to astronomical amounts, but I do see that we’ll once again see $3+ a gallon, and may get close to $4 a gallon mid-year but then will go back down again. Another year of more of the same.

PRESIDENT OBAMA will continue to put forth good efforts, but my Guides feel that he may be spending too much time focusing on certain aspects that should not be considered a current priority, and poll numbers of his popularity will decrease. He will also do a lot of foreign travel next year, and his amount of foreign travel trips will far exceed his trips to various American cities, which will also disappoint many of his followers and admirers.

2010 Hurricane Season will have 7 hurricanes and 5 tropical storms, for a total of approximate 12 storms. I do see a direct hit in Texas and also a Category 4/5 mega storm that will hit the Bahamas in 2010. Though the number of storms will start to decrease to lower numbers, the storms that do present themselves will be far more stronger and deadlier. A major snowstorm will attack the Northeast around February and there will be massive power outages that will affect three states because of it, this will include areas of Michigan, Illonois, Mass., New York & Maine. My Guides warn of another Tsunami and terrible storms in Indonesia. I’d avoid traveling there for the next three years.
Blizzard grounds thousands of flights
Blizzard warnings from N.Y. to N.C.
 Storm causes 50 car pileup
VALIDATION 2/21/10 Global Warming Means Stronger Hurricanes, Study Says - AOL News
VALIDATION 4/6/10 Massive magnitude 7.8 earthquake strikes northern SumatraIndonesia
VALIDATION 11/1/10 Indonesia volcano shoots new blast; 21 more rumble









The energy off the shore of California still seems very rocky, and I do see two major earthquakes there over the next three years. There will also be another earthquake in China and also in Indonesia. There will also be some minor earthquakes that will be felt on the east coast of the US.
VALIDATION 02/10/10 Earthquake rattles northern Illinois










Gay Marriages will be permitted in five more states over the next three years. More states will start doing this, at a slow pace at first, but more and more we will begin to see more states passing this and confirming it. My Guide shows me CA, NV, NY, IL, MI, NC, WA & ND will be some of the next states to pass/allow it.
Vermont made history today, as the first state in America to enact marriage equality through legislative process – just FOUR DAYS after another huge win for marriage equality in Iowa.
 ***MORE VALIDATION On April 16, 2009 the Human Rights Campaign applauded New York Governor David Paterson for introducing marriage equality legislation that would recognize marriage equality for same-sex couples under state law.
Terrorist attacks in 2009:  I do see there being about three terrorist attacks in 2009, including one attempt in the United States, but I do feel as though it will not go as planned. I am really worried about London, Germany and India still (I’ve made so many accurate predictions on those three area in the last decade that have come true) and I do feel that terrorists are still plotting and planning and focusing on those areas.
 VALIDATED 11/26/08 
Scores killed in Mumbai rampage -
There will be a tragic plane crash involving an American-based airliner in 2009, and I don’t see many (if any at all) survivors, this will happen toward the later part of 2009. There will also be a Russian airline that will crash shortly after takeoff.
American Airlines jet crashes in Jamaica











California will have a semi-major and many small and medium earthquakes. There will also be one very large destructive wildfire in 2009 that will be one of the largest in California history. VALIDATED 
California gets control of worst fire event in state history

Hillary will continue to remain in politics, but I do not see her right now even considering to run again for President in 2012. I do see that Sarah Palin may run for President in 2012, but I do not see Hillary going through it all again. She will remain actively involved with our government in either a senate or congress position.
‘The View’ will have a major blow up, and I do see that Elisabeth Hasselbeck will leave the show. I also see Barbara Walters having some health problems with her heart, and I do see these issues will be kept hidden from the press or media, but I do sense that she will start to show signs of the illness and may take some time off.
Madonna will have two or three failed relationships in 2009, and I also feel as though she may lose temporary custody of one of her children. Personally, she will have a very destructive 2009, but professionally she will be at her finest. She will write a lot of songs for a new album that will be released in the next year that will be one of her best selling albums of all time, and will continue her reign as a leading musician and singer.
Brad/Angelina will break apart and it will likely be the biggest and nastiest celebrity breakup in the history of the world.
Britney Spears & Whitney Houston will have amazing comebacks in 2009.
Portugal's Missing Girl: Madeleine McCann. I do not see this young girl still alive. I do see that she did cross over and she did so in advance of ever having to be in any sort of pain or injury. I do feel that they will find her buried body this year and the parents will finally be able to be put her properly to rest. I do see that she is buried in a wooded field not too far from a water source but in an area not very populated. I do see them finding her body and they will find the culprits -- because I see two men, both around her father's age -- and they'll each be sentenced to life in prison without parole.

Paula Abdul will have a breakdown and will admit publicly about addiction problems


BB King will have health problems and will be forced to lighten up his schedule some.

Psychic Christopher Reburn says that Simon Cowell will admit he battles with depression.
VALIDATED May 20, 2010

Simon Cowell Speaks of Depression, Admits Mistakes - ABC News

Shirley MacClaine will retire from the movies and focus more on her spirituality when a heart condition occurs later next year. 

Michael Jackson will move out of the United States and maintain two homes in various parts of Europe and Bahrain. He will attempt a comeback in mid-2007 which will fail, and this will include a canceled concert and appearances tour. Jackson will continue his financial problems and will find himself in more financial debt by the early part of 2008, and Neverland will be sold next year.
Many parts of this prediction have been validated. 
Michael Jackson's substantial debt has been highly publicized in the news before and after his unfortunate death. Jacksons' 50-date sold-out London concert engagement would have been considered a 'comeback' in mid-2009 (July would have been the official opening of the concert engagement). Neverland was indeed sold in November 2008 and there were appearances that were canceled during 2007. There was also a Jackson 5 reunion tour in the works for 2008 which Michael bowed out of it. Jackson did purchase a home in Bahrain. People have asked me if I seen Michael Jackson's death coming, and the answer is no. I was as shocked as everyone else was and still am! I've been asked many times since his passing if Michael Jackson is alright, and if he is okay. The answer is yes, he is fine. He is on The Other Side in Heaven and he is very happy, though he misses his children tremendously. He wants all of his 'true friends' (and they know who they are) and those in his family that truly cared for him to know how much he loves them and will forever watch over them. One of the doctors was the reason and cause of his death, and I think we'll see this come to the public eye very soon.

The investigation into the death of Anna Nicole Smith and her son, Daniel, will continue throughout 2008 and more information and evidence will be found and an arrest will be made surrounding two males, including a member of her staff. One of her doctors will lose their license and may get arrested. She was not purposely murdered or killed, but I do feel strongly that three of the medications that she was on did conflict with each other and did result in her death. There was no one out to kill her, no one was out to do her any harm.
VALIDATED 3/13/2009 Anna Nicole Smith's boyfriend Howard Stern, doctors charged -

The remains of Natalee Holloway's body will be found - under dirt, but above water. They will be uncovered by someone digging in the area testing the dirt and water for treatments. Her body is still in Aruba. People know about it, even the precise location. This is a huge cover up by the Arubian government. The man who did it has already been in custody but was released. The truth will prevail in 2008. 

World Peace will finally arrive in 2018.

Terrorist attacks will continue for the next several years - but all by copy-catters who want to make their own name in the news. I do feel there will be a commerical airline hijacking in 2008. I dont feel that these terrorists what to repeat themselves or carbon copy something they've already done or 'accomplished'. I'm very concerned about Dulles Airport in DC, and LAX and JFK especially surrouding flights in and out of London and Germany.

Osama bin Laden will be caught and brought to justice and will ultimately be killed while in a correctional facility awaiting trial..

Korea and Russia will have separate terrorist attacks in 2008. Korea will be a problem as far as the United States is concerned. I would encourage any and all travelers planning on going to Korea or Russia to stay away from those areas. I'd also advise against travel to India for the next few years.

More alien activity and crop circles will reveal themselves - and more "evidence" will be left behind that aliens truly walk among us - including a new breed of marine life which scientists will discover have extra terrestrial abilities - including the ability to disappear and then reappear. Ailens are becoming more and more comfortable and are NOT here to hurt us, nor will they hurt us.

Jesus and The Virgin Mary will show themselves in Rome in the year 2029. Then over the course of six years, we'll have more and more of legitimate and actual sightings until eventually they'll remain a permanent life fixture - opposed to a random sighting - in life form. This will signify this planet will only be in existence for another 80 years..

The cure for most kinds of cancer will come in the form on a shot via the use of a needle. This will be a time released cure that will rid the entire body of cancer and kill the cells from ever reforming again. 

The cure for AIDS has been kept under wraps since the cure was established in 1989. It's been tested with great success. But I fear it will be many years - if ever - that we'll see it firsthand.

More and more people will accept spirituality - over religion - as their way of life With this notion, we'll see a lot more psychics and healers emerge.