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2012 Predictions







First and foremost, 2012 will NOT be the end of times or the end of the world.



The economy will have it’s fair share of up’s and down’s next year, especially in the first quarter of the year, and then things look to show some improvement and incline in the economy towards late-summer. I still feel that it’s going to be a couple of years or more before the economy is back on track, but little by little, I do feel that we are making some progress.



Travel Warnings / Security Warnings / Safety Concerns


Russia-Very uneasy feelings about traveling to Russia right now, and my Guides feel that there will be some sort of war and/or fighting between America and Russia within the two years.


Japan-A series of earthquakes will occur in Japan in 2012, and it feels to be especially active toward springtime and throughout the summer.



India-I’m picking up on two earthquakes that will occur in India and one of them feels to be a minor ‘warning’, the other one feels to be a major earthquake which will bring forth some tsunami results. My Guides feel that this travel warning will remain in place for at least the next 3-5 years.



Germany-A lot of energy surrounding Germany and potential terrorist activity happening in 2012 involving fire and explosions. I do feel that the terrorists’ are still targeting Germany, as well as London and other parts of Europe, in addition to the United States.

Indonesia remains on my list of travel warnings due to some present energy to suggest earthquake activity in 2012 & 2013.



Delta Airlines-I do see Delta having some issues with their planes this year, and it does look like a series of their jets will be grounded for safety review. I’m also picking up on some major financial issues Delta is currently undergoing.



We really have to be careful when choosing an airline to fly, and I really do not feel that some of these ‘budget’ airlines are following proper safety protocol. Do your research before booking a flight on an air carrier you are unfamiliar with! More and more safety concerns on airplanes will be a major focus for the FAA in 2012, including more airport safety and security checkpoints.



Storm Season


Winter Storm Season for 2012 will be a bit more dreadful than 2011, as I do see record amounts of snowfall happening, even in areas where snow rarely if ever occurs. There will also be a lot of power outages occurring from winter storms, especially around February and March. The Winter Season, especially for those in the Northeast, will be longer this year and will strength well into April and May.


The 2012 Hurricane Season will be active, with around 18 named storms, 10 of them being hurricanes, 4 of those being major hurricanes. Haiti, Bermuda and the Bahamas will be most affected this year. There will be some flooding in the Carolinas, as well as in Texas and Louisiana. I also feel that Florida (especially South Florida) will get hit by two storms next year, one of which will be a major hurricane.



Stock Market


The Stock Market will have numerous complications in 2012, and I do see record losses in the stock market next year. I also feel that some of the bigger, more sturdy stocks will start to fail, or go down in value considerably. Disney, Goggle and Apple are ones to watch in 2012.



Real Estate Market


Some improvements will be apparent with the real estate market in 2012. There will also be a significantly positive incline with rental units in 2012. Sales of homes will marginally increase in 2012, but it still looks as though some who are currently to sell their homes in a hurry, will unfortunately have to settle for major losses. I do see some steady improvements happening with the real estate market in 2012, but it will take another 4 years before the real estate market truly is back to where it needs to be.



Madonna will release a new album and will likely tour in 2012 or shortly thereafter. However, for one of the first times in her career, she will notice that her album sales fall short of her previous releases and a deemed comeback will be only partially well received.



Lindsay Lohan will continue legal battles into 2012, but I also feel that a Hollywood Legend will be taking Lindsay under her wing to help her with her problems. Unfortunately, Lindsay has a long way to go before she’ll ever truly feel comfortable in her own skin or is happy within.



Dr. Conrad Murray will see an early-holiday release from jail in 2013 and will move out of the country shortly thereafter. The jury truly got it right with this trial and justice prevailed. Michael is happy that his family has found peace and healing with the court’s recent ruling, though he wishes Mr. Murray no harm, and even after all that’s happened,


Michael still considers Mr. Murray as one of his closest friends. Michael is working with his children in Spirit, especially his son Prince, and I do feel that we will see and hear a lot of musical talent from his son Prince in the future.





2009 Hurricane Season there will be 16 named storms for 2009, including around 10 of them actual hurricanes. I do see that the hurricanes will continue to be monster storms and will continue to target The Bahamas, Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas. In 2009 I do see a major direct hit in Texas as well as in Florida and another one near the New Orleans area.




-We will see some improvements in the economy in 2011. I also see that there will be many challenges in store for the economy in 2011 including a mid-year financial crunch that will affect a lot of people. I also feel that there will be another stimulus check or reward in 2011 to help with the economy. Small businesses will be given some tax breaks whereas larger organizations will see larger tax increases. Overall, I do see that a lot of people’s taxes will be raised significantly over the next three years, and then things will finally start to level out better financially. There are many challenges ahead in the economy as it begins to stabilize in a more positive fashion. Unemployment in most states will show some signs of decreasing by August/September 2011.

Travel Warnings
-Indonesia: My Guides strongly suggest that there will be more earthquake and tsunami activity in Indonesia in 2011 and surrounding countries and that is a location to avoid for the next three years.

-California: I do see that 2011 will be a very difficult year with further wildfires including one mid-year that will devastate the state. There will be a series of small wildfires, but one major one mid-year as I mentioned above. My Guides are also uneasy about the shifting plates in the Pacific Ocean and the probable expectations of a major earthquake to devastate a portion of the state. I have been predicting this for years and it is getting closer and feels like it will present itself over the next two years, possibly less.

-Japan: I’m still picking up energy that there will be another earthquake in Japan and also some terrorist activity over the next year and a half. There will also be some major storms to hit the area including some flooding.

-India: I’m seeing a lot of flooding and some earthquake activity in this region as well and my Guides are communicating with me that travel to India should be done very cautiously over the next five years.

-Haiti: Continued prayers and healing to our brothers and sisters in Haiti who are still rebuilding and restructuring. I do see two illnesses/diseases that will spread around the island in 2011, and also feel that the island will suffer considerably over the next year with rain and bad storms.

-Egypt: Egypt is a very spiritual destination in the world, but I also feel that there will be some sort of terrorist activity in this region of the world as well, and there will also be an outbreak of a major cold/illness that will affect Egypt and other parts of Africa next year that will find it’s way to other parts of the world.

Storm Season Warnings

-Hurricanes: I do see that in the 2011 Hurricane Season there will be approximately 11 major storms, 5 of them being hurricanes, 4 of them being major hurricanes. Expect to see more deadly and destructive Category 5 hurricanes in 2011 and beyond.

-Winter Storms: Will be a quieter winter in most regions unlike the last few years. I do see that there will be some power outages/ blackouts in New York, Illinois, Virginia and Maine areas, and also some flooding in New York & Virginia areas in the spring.

Security Warnings/Safety Issues
-Planes: I am still very concerned with the security threat that is still in place with flying. I do see that the terrorists will target larger aircrafts and there will be an incident with one of the new larger Airbus A-380 plane models. More terrorist activities on flights originating or departing from Germany, London and also Chicago, but it feels that some of these will be caught before destruction occurs.

-Cruise Ships: Some of the larger ships will begin to have serious safety hazards and issues with terrorist activities in 2011 and 2012, especially those on foreign routes or long haul journeys.

Real Estate Market will have it’s up’s and down’s in 2011. The year will start off with it’s share of hardships but will end on a higher note than it has in nearly four years. The real estate market will begin to improve towards the middle part of summer with more homes and rental units finally beginning to sell.

Stock Market will do fairly well in 2011, with many stocks starting to up again and several major stocks will split which will offer investors a decent break-even or return on their investment. There will some stock market lows in March, July and October. Disney, Wal-Mart & Apple are three stocks to watch.

Several schools and learning institutes across America will close, while others will downsize dramatically. Fewer teachers, more students. This will affect test scores and learning growth for students in 2011.

President Obama will continue trying to do his best, but his popularity in numbers will begin to diminish more and more. He will also have a lot of security issues in 2011 involving foreign travel. There really seems to be something between the lines with untrue intentions as far as all the foreign traveling he is doing is concerned and this will be brought to the public next year.

Gay Marriage enthusiasts across America will continue to see their dreams of marrying their partners come true in 2011. My Guides are showing me at least 4 or more states will approve Gay Marriage in 2011. Prop 8 in California will have it’s fair share of trials and tribulations, but it does feel that in the end Californians will have the right to marry who they choose, but this looks to take a few years before everything is fully finalized.

Immigration laws and restrictions will begin to get a little softer and more probable in some parts of the world, especially the Middle East, Canada, Mexico, Europe and America. There will also be some new county alliance agreements that will be put into place over the next two years which will help supply a lot of people their green card or Visa.

Social Security will have it’s own difficulties over the next five years and there will be a big blowup about this in 2011. It feels like some of the money has been used for other government purposes that will be revealed or exposed later down the road.

Gulf Oil Spill will continue healing from all the devastation and destruction that happened in 2010. I am most concerned about three underwater oil wells that have been plugged, and my Guides feel that those plugs will only last so long before something goes again. I do see more unfortunate experiences happening in the Gulf underneath the water involving some of the other oil wells, but there will also be more laws that will be put into place involving offshore drilling which should help some. There is a new breed or undiscovered breed of shark (that looks similar to an overgrown swordfish) that will begin reeking havoc on other breeds of sharks, dolphins and other marine life in the Atlantic Ocean in 2011.

I’m picking up on two potential school shootings – one in Illinois, the other in Ohio – and one of them is at a university. My Guides are showing me that there will be more school shootings, and that our schools will need to find better means of keeping students safer.

Sarah Palin will continue to maintain her place in politics. Even though it’s not likely she’ll run for President, I wouldn’t put it past her, and I do feel that if she were to run for President she would stand a good chance at winning. But it really seems like she’ll focus more of her time with lecturing, a book deal and movie opportunity which will arise for her next year.

Bill Clinton will have more health problems with his heart. He really needs to take it easy and take some time off from his active jet-setting. He will have another health scare and reminder to slow down in 2011.

Donald Trump will become more involved in politics in 2011 and 2012, but will have some major financial troubles again. In the midst of everything, he’ll open up two new hotels over the next three years including something in Las Vegas and also New York.

Ann Margret, BB King, Carol Burnett, Shirley Maclaine, Regis Philbin and Tony Bennett will have some difficult health issues in 2011. We will also see the loss of more of our legends.

Cher will make another career comeback in 2011 with a new album and a new tour.

Britney Spears will make another career comeback and she’ll also get involved with doing more TV and movies.

Lindsay Lohan will make some significant improvements to her life over the next year and will have her up’s and down’s with her health and some further addiction issues. She also has an ‘exit point’ that will present itself next year. I do feel that she’ll start doing better after she gets to the root of her problem, but that really wont have for another year or two.

Oprah’s new Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) will dominate the ratings when it’s first introduced, but then ratings will go flat after about a year or so. Oprah will open another school in Africa and will focus a lot of her attention on those less fortunate in other foreign territories, and she’ll also have some relationship troubles.

DIABETES – I do see a cure coming for diabetes within 3 years, including a homeopathic remedy that will present itself later next year.
CANCER -- I predicted six years ago that we’d see a cure for cancer and it would come in the form of a shot, and now in Australia they are using something very similar for some sorts of cancer. There will be more cures for various kinds of cancer presented to the healthcare market over the next four years -- most of them will be in the form of injection (a shot with a needle) and others will be in the form of extensive body cleansings and detoxifications.

Quantas, Delta and Continental will have incidents. There will be three major airplane crashes in 2010, and one of them will happen near New York, and also one near Los Angeles. I am really worried that the more some of the airlines try to ‘cut back’, they may be cutting back on areas where much more attention to detail should be given. I also see a foreign airliner near/from India crashing and over 150 will perish from it. There will also be another ‘water landing’ with no survivors from a major carrier that does a lot of European & South African routes. I also see a major FAA computer crash within the next 15 months.
VALIDATION 12/25/09 Passenger Tries to Blow Up Delta Jet Arriving in Detroit
VALIDATION 1/3/10 Quantas computer system crashes; Flights Delayed
VALIDATED 5/21/10 Police official says 160 feared dead in crash of Air India plane - FOXNews

Indonesia for three years. Germany for two more years. Russia for two more years. Estonia for one more year. I’m really weary about Japan having some terrorist activity over the next three years.
VALIDATION 2/27/10 Tsunami Warning Issued After 6.9 Quake Shakes Japan - AOL News
VALIDATION 3/29/10 38 dead in Moscow subway attacks
VALIDATION 10/26/10 Tsunami Kills Scores in Indonesia

TERRORIST ATTACKS: There will be two more terrorist attacks in Europe, including another attempt on London, and another one near Paris. I also see someone taking over a plane mid-year and a hostage situation resulting. 1/4/10-one of the things that is become more clear to me now is that we will have more problems with planes (as I talked about in my predictions for 2010) and there will be more terrorist activity with the larger jets -- I am very concerned with the new Boeing planes, especially the larger 747’s and the new 787 ‘Dreamliner’ -- I do feel that some of the larger planes with the most seats will be at severe risk. I also feel that more international flights will be targeted and we will see more water landings. I am saying lots of prayers and healings each day in hopes that these things do not happen, though my Guides have painted a very alarming picture of what’s to come. These sorts of things certainly do not help those of us who have a fear of flying. I do feel that terrorist activity will continue until the United States Administration makes a very profound decision and plan of action. I am more worried about Europe (especially London and Germany) for terrorist attacks, and India and Russia and Japan.
VALIDATION 3/29/10 38 dead in Moscow subway attacks
VALIDATION 3/30/10 New suicide blasts kill 12 in southern Russia




TOM CRUISE / KATIE HOLMES will break up over the course of the next two years. They are not soul mates and it seems as though Katie will be the one to leave the relationship. There are problems behind the scenes now that the public and press have not seen or heard about -- but they will.

BRAD PITT / ANGELINA JOLIE will adopt another child, and I do feel the energy of up to 3 more adoptions, including a potential ‘twins’ adoption or pregnancy. They are not soulmates, though they will stay together for awhile longer yet.

REGIS PHILBIN will have heart problems and will suffer an injury related to a fall. Though I don’t see him ever fully retiring from the spotlight, I do see him cutting back on his television and live appearances after March/April.

SUZANNE SOMERS will have some major health problems over the next four years -- including a cancer scare and battle, and an undisclosed illness associated with an infection within her body. Even though she tries to take care of herself quite well, her Guide feels as though she is missing something.

CARRIE UNDERWOOD will announce her engagement to her current beau within a year. They were soul mates in four past lives and promised each other they’d come back to each other in this lifetime.
Carrie Underwood engaged to NHL player Mike Fisher

There will be an actor strike next year, around summertime, and many studios will suffer as a result. There will also be some recording studios that will go under because of poor financial planning. CD and album sales will pick up next year around springtime. Some of the more successful authors will notice a decline in book sales next year that will last most of the year, but will kick back into normality in 2011. Because of the economy and financial struggles for some movie producers and directors, I do see a lot of ‘starving artists’ finally getting a chance for a big break.