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Christopher Reburn's 2015 Predictions
These predictions were first revealed on Conversations with Christopher Radio Show on February 3, 2015
Here is the link to that show

I have been getting a lot of visions over the last few months about an upcoming recession here in America and in other countries, especially European countries, will have some serious financial challenges over the next 3-5 years. I don't expect this recession to happen in 2015, but it really concerns me and I've been most worried about it, so I'm including this prediction anyway. I also had visions of during the recession that there could be a government take-over as well as major gang activity. This is something that we all need to pray for doesn't happen. This has been one of the most challenging visions to process for me, and I feel so strongly in putting this prediction out here as far in advance as possible. This is a time to budget money, save money and start to get back to basics. I consider this to be one of the most important predictions I've ever envisioned.


I feel that there is a major war brewing towards the US from Russia and Korea. I feel that they will either join forces together or something much worse. I feel that this war will be a dual effort by more than one country against the US. I feel that this could happen over the next two years or so. This is something that we really need to pray about, and send strength and healing to our world leaders. I do not trust Mr. Putin whatsoever, and I really feel as though he's planning something.


I'm also worried about the potential of missle attacks here in America, and also someone putting something in our air supply that is hazardous and potentially life-threatening. I feel that this will do damage, but it will be caught and measures will be taken to handle the situation. This really scares me. The visions I've had about this have been some of the scariest and frightening visions I can remember.


There will be some additional improvements in 2015 in the Real Estate market. I feel that more and more people will be renting, instead of buying, so I really feel that rental properties in 2015 will flourish. I also feel that alot of people who have had their homes on the market for sometime will finally sell their home in 2015, but perhaps not at the profit margin expected. 


Gas prices will continue to go down a little while longer before climbing back up again. I really feel that we could see gas prices in the $1.70's/gallon or even possibly in the $1.60's/gallon. I think it's safe to say the last time we seen these prices were well over a decade ago.


The price of oil will have moments that it will soar in 2015. I think this is something we all need to watch, as there could become some very good investment opportunities that may arise. I do feel that around May/June or so will be about the time that gas prices begin to get higher again. We need to enjoy the savings while they last! :)


(no political emails) President Obama will have some major security and safety issues during the last 6-7 months or so of his final term as president. I also feel that there will be another attempt by a 'fence jumper' to get into the White House. We seen a few of these incidents happen this year, but I expect that there will be more on the way in 2015 and 2016.


I really feel that ObamaCare is just temporary. I dont feel that this insurance really has that much strength or staying power. If ObamaCare lasts 2-3 years, that would be something. I just dont see this program lasting that long.


I've been getting more visions about kids taking more guns and bombs in the schools. I feel as though there will be series of major killings or incidents at public schools this year and next year. I feel that one particular incident toward the mid/end of the year will be one for the record books, and not in a good way. We need to pray about this, and hope that it doesn't happen. I feel that there will be in problems in California and New York, and I keep feeling that an Ohio university will also have problems.


Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 - I really feel that this plane will be found, even after all this time. I feel big parts of the plane will either wash ashore finally or someone will finally see something floating on the water from a boat while near the area the plane is. I send prayers and healing to all the families of the passengers and crew. This has been devastating on so many levels, and has been handled so improperly.



Epypt - more violence, fighting, killings

Russia - due to possible war / kidnappings

Korea - due to possible war / kidnappings

Haiti - major storm / flooding over next two years

Japan - more earthquakes in 2015, especially toward the last six months of the year

Jamaica-  hurricanes / storms

Bermuda- hurricanes / storms

Spain - major financial issues and troubles over the next 3 years / possible financial collapse or restructure


I feel that our scientists need to do deeper and more conclusive research work and studies about global warming. I feel that the glaciers are melting much faster than they realize, and I do feel that we will see major flooding from these glaciers in our lifetime.


Blackfish supporters will continue to bring SeaWorld to their knees. The SeaWorld brand will continue to suffer. Attendance will continue to fail. I also feel that at least 2-3 of the orcas they stole from their loving families in the sea will die in 2015 and 2016. This is incredibly sad. If SeaWorld EVER expects to reclaim themselves, they will need to release the whales they stole from the sea. The Blackfish Effect is NEVER going away.


The 2015 Hurricane Season looks to be much more eventful than the last couple of years. I feel that there will be at least 6-7 hurricanes and at least 5-7 tropical storms. At least 3 of these hurricanes/tropical storms will be major. I feel that Texas, Louisiana, Florida and the Carolinas are going to get major rain from these storms, as well as some major flooding in some areas.


Lady Gaga will have a major comeback with her next album, and she will be back on top again. I think she is truly talented and gifted. I really like her! I think she is real and she truly loves her fans.


Cher will have more health issues and will likely hang up her touring shoes, at least for now.


Blues guitarist BB King will suffer major health issues and will retire. I dont feel that he will be with us for a lengthy time period of time. A true legend!! 

2014 Predictions
These predictions were revealed first during a live airing of
Conversations with Christopher in February 2014


We are starting to see more signs of the economy improving, and I do feel that this will continue, however, there will still be periods of major financial struggles that lie ahead. Over the next three years, I do feel that we’ll start getting somewhat back to normal again, but there still will be a lot of struggling before we get there.




Real Estate Market will continue to improve, especially in the more mountainous regions and properties considered in safe geographical locations away from the water. There will still be record foreclosures in certain areas, but they will start to decrease over the next two years.




President Obama’s approval rating will continue to suffer and decline. By the end of his reign, there will be many promises left unspoken.




Obamacare will also continue to suffer, and many people who can not afford health insurance will be penalized for not getting it. There will be a series of repeals of Obamacare. This just doesn’t feel like a good fit at this time in our history. I just don’t see this being greatly successful.




School shootings will continue, and I do feel that we’ll begin to see school bombings, where kids will bring bombs to school, instead of guns. I feel that California, Ohio and New Jersey will have more issues with school shootings and incidents. I also feel that these people and terrorists will bring bombs and/or explosive devices to large stadiums and large cruise ships.




Global warming will continue being an issue, and eventually I believe we may only see two seasons a year. The glaciers are continuing to melt at record pace, and this will bring major, major flooding to many regions and will likely wipe out small villages and townships. And, I do believe there are diamonds in Antarctica & within and/around other glaciers.




Travel Warnings


Indonesia – More earthquakes and tsunami activity over the next two years


Spain – Series of small earthquakes and flooding from heavy rains and storms


Egypt – Continued fighting and safety issues will keep Egypt on my travel warnings list for the next few years. There will also be a major flood in Egypt that many will lose their lives. 


Japan – More earthquakes in 2014 and continuous safety issues with escaped radiation
Jamaica – major storm and flooding during storm season




Delta & United Airlines will have some issues with their planes and safety. I also feel that there may be a hijacking attempt in the near future.




Boeing 787 ‘Dreamliner’ will have more issues and problems. You couldn’t pay me to fly on a 787. There are still many issues unresolved with the 787, and unfortunately, some of these issues will not arise until an incident occurs.




Storm Season


I’m predicting that there will be approximately 6 Hurricanes and 9 tropical storms in the 2014 Hurricane Season. The last few years have been quiet, for the most part, but I do feel that things will be rockier this year and next year. We’ll start to see larger Category 5 hurricanes, and I do feel that we will see more SuperStorms (like Superstorm Sandy)




The winter season will be somewhat relaxed this year, while there will be great amounts of snow, frost and cold temperatures, I don’t think they’ll really break any major records from years past. There will be a series of major power outages in March/April from a late-winter storm, but that will be about the most of it.




Love will continue to prevail with gay marriage being legalized in all US states within the next 2-3 years or so, possibly sooner. It’s good to know that the overall public opinion on gay marriage has changed to a more positive view over the last few years.




Barbara Walters will retire from television and show business




Lady Gaga’s popularity will decrease, but she will have a major comeback within about a year or so.




Miley Cyrus will continue to lose popularity from numerous publicity stunts. It’s too bad, because within her, there is a gift. But until she figures out whether she wants to be viewed as a legitimate singer or a novelty act, her career will suffer continuous declines from CD sales, concert ticket sales and others.




Debbie Reynolds will have health issues that may convince her it’s time to retire.






Even though the Guides pointed toward Hillary winning, it seems the universe has switched directions. Barack Obama will be the next president of The United States of America.

Gasoline prices will continue to go up and down, and I do see us reaching around $4.00 a gallon by the middle-to-end part of next year.

'Golden Girls' actress Estelle Getty will cross over to The Other Side after a long battled illness.
VALIDATED 7/22/08 Estelle Getty Dies at 84

OJ Simpson will be found guilty and sentenced. He will have to do time in prison for the Las Vegas incidents that happened. I do see him doing at least 7 years, or more.
VALIDATED 10/4/08,0,3598801.story
O.J. Simpson gets at least 15 years in prison -

American Idol suicide: There will be a female contestant who tries out, but doesnt make the cut, and commits suicide.
VALIDATED 11/12/08

2008 Hurricane Season will include 11 Storms, 7 of them being hurricanes. An early validation? 12/8/07 2008 Forecast Predicts 7 Hurricanes - AOL News We will see a lot of the same as we did this year where the storms will veer off and will not touch the United States. However, I fear that The Bahamas will be severly affected in 2008. Also, South Florida again and the Carolina Beachs and potential massive flooding in and around New Orleans and into Mississippi. Mississippi River should be monitored especially heavy during these times as I do feel that there will be some major flooding in these area over the next couple of years.

There will be two outbreaks of the California wildfires again next year, while both of them will be serious, one of them will be one of the worst in history. California will continue to have smaller earthquakes, but a major one is on the horizon and I feel that it could be anytime now and this one will be one for the record books. This will affect areas 20 miles south of the Bay Area all the way up to Washington State. There will be tsunami-like conditions. The warning sign here will be three small to mid-level quakes in a 72-96 hour period before the mega quake hits. Any off shore volcano activities, different shifts in the ocean.

Brad/Angelina will adopt two more children. They are not Life Partners. They'll stay together about another year. I dont feel that they have any sort of compatibility together, other than to give an excellent front page story on the National Enquirer.
VALIDATED 11/08,,20014961,00.html

Britney Spears will bounce back and I do feel that two female celebrities will take her under their wing and will help her sort her life out. She will get more custody rights in the spring.


VALIDATED: Summer 2008

Jennifer Lopez/Marc Anthony will have a baby boy. Her latest CD will bomb and will she'll lose credibility with her peers and record executives.


Possible terrorist activity at Washington-Dulles Airport in mid-2007.

Saddam Hussein will be put to death in the early part of 2007 around February.

The 2007 winter will be especially harsh on those living in the Northeast. Especially in New York, Pennyslavania, Wisconsin and Illnois with record snowfall, power outtages and record cold temperatures.

We will have a total of 16 major storms for the 2005 Hurricane Season including a devasting hit near New Orleans. VALIDATED 8/29/05 - Hurricane Katrina made a devasting direct hit to New Orleans on August 29, 2005. The National Hurricane Center confirmed that 2005's storm season had 14 major hurricanes and 2 destructive Tropical Storms)

Christopher predicts that there will be 11 major storms in the 2006 Hurricane year including South Florida, The Outer Banks of NC, as well as in the Pensacola/Alabama area. Other problem areas will be Louisana. Virginia and Maryland regions will get record rainfall during the storm season. Over the next few years, The Bahamas will be partially destroyed by destructive storms.
Ernesto brushes South Florida with high winds
8/31/06 Tropical Storm Ernesto Makes Landfall in North Carolina -

The state of New York will receive record snow fall over the winter months of 2005 and 2006 to the point of being snowed in for days at a time. VALIDATED 2/19/06 - See story at

There will be three more major terrorist attempts on the United States - ranging from an assignation attempt in 2006 to attempts against a commercial airliner and in the Boston, New York and London areas - all done by Al Queda. Germany should also be on alert. After these three attempts, Al Queda will finally be defeated.

I would also advise against travels to Asia for the next three years, because I fear two more tsunamis are forthcoming.
VALIDATED - 2nd Tsunami occured 7/17/06

Noah's Ark does exist within Mount Ararat also known as Mount Judi in Turkey and we'll begin to see it over the next ten years. 
VALIDATION: 6/30/06 
AOL News - Has Noah's Ark Been Found?

Britney Spears will have one more hit record and then will be a full time divorced single mother.

New evidence will find the parents of Jon Benet Ramsey guilty in the year 2008. An arrest will be made in mid-2006 of a male who was hired to do the job.

Madonna's current concert tour will put her in the record books for being the top grossing female concert tour performer ever. This will be her last tour for several years.
VALIDATED 11/06 -- Madonna's "Confessions" Tour named the Highest Grossing Tour Ever.

Christopher was the one of  - if not the only documented psychic - who predicted that there would be massive deaths and destruction in New York City in September of 2001. He spoke vividly to his numerous clients about his intuition months ahead of time, warning clients to stay out of New York City during September 2001. Tragically, September 11, 2001 validated what Chris had forseen would happen and went down as being one of the most horrific days in history.

Christopher predicted in January 2005 that there would be major terrorist activity in London in July 2005 which resulted in the London bombings.

Over a year ago, Chris got an unsettling feeling about India, and its surrounding areas. Less than one month ago, Chris felt that everyone was in danger - sadly, the tragic events of the tsunami validated Chris' psychic instinct.

Chris picked that The New England Patriots would win the Super Bowl weeks ago, and the recent game validated Chris' psychic claim.

For the past couple of weeks, Chris has been giving his psychic insight to all those who've asked for it regarding 9 year old Jessica Lunsford. Early on, Chris felt she was abducted and murdered near her home, in a wooded area near a water source. To much sadness, this validation came true today when the remains of 9 year old Jessica Lunsford were found and identified. Her body was found in what investigators called a "densely wooded area" 150 yards from where she lived. May we all lower our heads in prayer for the friends and family of this beautiful girl taken from us entirely all too soon.
Here is the link to the actual story:

Scott Peterson would be found guilty
Robert Blake would be found not guilty
Michael Jackson would be found not guilty