Welcome to Christopher's
Prayer & Healing Center!

Is there someone in your life that needs extra holy light and prayers?
Would you like for us to add you to our prayer list?
Did someone close to you just pass over?

Prayers are very healing! 
Healing can perform miracles!
Let us begin the process with you...

Christopher's prayer and healing line is now open!
You may also call in your prayer and healing requests for Christopher
at (727) 688-6084 or fill out the prayer and healing form below.

 CLICK HERE to send your prayer request to Christopher!
Please include your name & prayer request!



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PLEASE NOTE: Prayer and healing offerings do not substitute for medical care or treatments. Healing works best when used alongside proper medical treatment!

Your healing and prayer requests are sent directly to Christopher Reburn. Every day during his frequent and routine prayer and healing meditations, he will send prayers and healing to you and/or your loved one(s), or those who need extra blessings. Christopher will also ask for additional angels to be sent to you and/or your loved one and more guidance when needed and requested.

To receive an indepth, accurate and professional psychic reading from Christopher about you or your loved one who is still in life or that has passed over to The Other Side, please email 
ThePsychicSpirit@aol.com and we'll schedule you an appointment for a reading with Christopher.