Christopher receives countless phone calls and emails whenever there is a newsworthy murder, missing persons or unsolved crime. Whether it be a celebrity, someone in the news or someone's personal friend or family member.

Christopher received numerous calls asking if he was working to help find Natalee Holloway and Laci Peterson. Christopher did provide ample clues which were later validated in the specific location and date where Laci's body was found.

However, investigations like these are investigated by various law enforcement agencies and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. In order for Christopher to work on a case, he must first be invited or asked by either the detectives working on the case or a family member.

As a world renowned and respected psychic for over twenty years, Christopher does not solicit his services to the above agencies or family members without first being invited to assist on the case.

Although no one but God can guarantee the outcome, Christopher will put forth his best possible efforts. Keep in mind that psychics do not solve crimes - the authorities do. However, the psychic information that Christopher receives - including images, impressions, energy implants, contacting Spirit Guides and his direct connection with The Other Side - can lead to clues, new information and may lead to solving the case and putting closure to the situation.

Christopher is proud of his many successes over the years in reuniting families with missing persons, assisting in bringing fugitives to justice and providing information and clues which were imperative to solving numerous cases.

Christopher's fee varies depending on the amount of time needed and any travel expenses if travel is required.

While Christopher's time is limited, he does take pride in his missing persons case work and he has not, nor will he ever charge a fee to a grieving parent to assist on their child/children's missing persons case file. 

Christopher does give descriptions, so if a forensic artist is available to draw, that would be helpful but not mandatory. Christopher puts his normal reading schedule on hold to assist with these situations.

If you have a tip or can help provide valuable information about a missing person or unsolved crime, please take your information directly and immediately to the proper authorities so that they may follow up on your information and investigate your claim.

To schedule an immediate consultation with Christopher, please email Christopher's Office at or call Christopher's Office at (727) 688-6084